Guedes Nunes, Oliveira e Roquim Sociedade de Advogados – GNOR is a law firm offering efficient and innovative legal solutions for corporate clients through its modern human and technological structure.


GNOR professionals are trained to apply the values that inspired the conception of the firm on a daily basis:

CREATIVITY for developing solutions,

CLARITY in the way they express themselves,

PRAGMATISM in their approach to their clients’ problems.


GNOR is located in a building designed in the 80’s by architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, along with Oscar Niemeyer, two of the most renowned architects in the world and the only Brazilians to receive the Pritzker, considered the Nobel Prize of architecture.


The building was renovated by prestigious architecture firm Piratininga, preserving and valuing the original project and at the same time underscoring its modernism, practicality and beauty. The result has been featured in several specialized magazines.

Rua Leopoldo Couto de Magalhães Jr., 146   7º, 11º e 12º  04542 000  SP  Brazil

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